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Those Magnificent Voyagers of the Pacific Andrew Crowe and Rick Fisher

Rick Fisher’s illustrations are absolutely compelling and co-equal to the author’s writing which brings to life the story of 5,000 years of Polynesian navigation.

This stunning book is designed to appeal to all ages, and I’ve already enjoyed many a session curled up on the sofa with the grandchildren as the 10-year-old read to us about the voyager’s exploits.

The timelines throughout show that our Polynesian navigators were at the forefront of global navigation. I enjoyed these historical comparisons immensely, and these - perhaps more than any other aspect of this stellar book - put the voyages into an unequivocal context.

As mentioned, the book will appeal to many. It can be read as a picture book or as a history book for young adult readers. Either way, the story is epic, and it makes clear that the people of the Pacific region had completed their long-distance voyages long before the Golden Age of European exploration began.

It’s a story which every New Zealand child should know and fully comprehend and it puts to bed forever any thoughts that the early voyagers stumbled in an unscientific way on their destinations.

In fact, the early Pacific mariners were developing complex navigation systems long before science confirmed these. They were also completing return journeys across vast oceans; a feat which was at the time unparalleled.

Andrew Crowe is a multiple award-winning author, the author of 40 books and the recipient of the country’s top children’s literature prize. Meanwhile, Rick Fisher spent 15 months illustrating this glorious book which brings the whole to life.

I cannot more highly recommend this book which will inspire and educate all ages. I gleaned a huge amount of facts from reading it with my grandies. The 10-year-old was engrossed and the six-year-old declared it was “Just like Moana.

If you want to give the gift of learning this Christmas look no further. This book will get them off their devices and hooked again on print.

Reviewer: Peta Stavelli

Bateman Books


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