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This Old Stick by Andrew Corin

I could not help being impressed by this charming little book. It is a long time since I picked up a book to read from cover to cover in one sitting, completely absorbed. This is a great read for every generation. Each story is complete in itself which means the book can be picked up for a while and put down for later reading.

The author, a general practitioner, shows a warm-hearted sincerity while sharing his understanding of the fictional characters he portrays. Each vignette emphasises a feeling for humanity or “the gossamer of being human”, as a colleague expresses it in the foreword.

How many of us have heard a eulogy at a funeral for an elderly friend or relative and wondered why the facts outlined had not been known before? The elderly in our communities today are often little known by their neighbours or by the very busy young people around them. The older generation have lived full lives without fanfare but with wisdom and excitement of their own.

This book illuminates a need in our society to highlight the respect due to our elderly. Each individual has experiences of value if we just take the time to listen and to share.

This Old Stick tells the stories of older people who are around us – stories which are at once familiar yet extraordinary. The delightful and challenging characters are beautifully presented with honesty and warmth to create an entertaining read. It is a tool to help heal the disconnection that exists in our society between those considered healthy and functional and those who are older and appear less able.

We all need to be reminded of the beautiful treasures we have in our elderly communities.

This book is a great read. It will make a lovely gift to share, bringing a smile to whoever opens it.

Reviewer: Sonia Edwards

Published by Cornerstone Ventures New Zealand


Available at Paper Plus and Books Aplenty

And from the Author @ to purchase on line.


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