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This Land Aotearoa by Christine Dale

This Land Aotearoa (Ko Aotearoa te whenua nei) is a celebration of our land, our whenua. It is a homage to the beauty, bounty and boundless adventure that exists on our shores. Christine Dale, with the assistance of Kiwa Hammond has produced a love song to Aotearoa, one that celebrates the unique and diverse attributes that we have in our country.

From incredible beaches, to mud pools, perfectly rounded boulders to the mountains of the south, all these magnificent elements of our country are presented to the reader in both English and te reo Māori and are complete with wonderful photography of each.

It’s so easy to note the majesty of our motu, towering trees and pocketed townships. The poem weaves its way through the country and shows the strength of our little slice of paradise.

Despite being short and possibly mistaken for a picture book for children, this book is more of an ode to Aotearoa and sits perfectly on the coffee table celebrating both our beautiful countryside, but also our tradition of producing wonderful poetry.

This Land Aotearoa answers the question, just how phenomenal is our country?

Reviewer: Chris Reed

OneTree House


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