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This is Us: New Zealanders in our own words by Pete Carter

This is Us was created in response to the Christchurch terrorist attack, but it is not about this tragic event. Instead, it is more than 200 New Zealanders from all around the country, telling their stories in their own words. This is an insight into a diverse number of people’s lives from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island. This is Us is a snapshot that celebrates the Kiwi spirit and what make us and our country, what it is.

The title is a play on the famous words of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after the attacks, ‘They are us.’ But the book takes the approach there is a broader approach to be had.

Pete interviewed people of all races and ages and walks of life. In the book, there are farmers, teachers, politicians, road-sweepers, students, builders, hairdressers and doctors. There are also retailers, artists, tattoo-artists, businesspeople, writers, and people in hospitality.

Each person featured in the book has a short interview, in their own words, along with a photo – many of which were taken at the time of the interview. It’s a sturdy hardback book, and a beautiful celebration of Aotearoa New Zealand, showing the kindness and resilience of everyday people in our unique land.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Exisle Publishing


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