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This Book will Help Cool the Climate by lsabel Thomas and Illustrated by Alex Paterson

50 ways to cut pollution, speak up and protect our planet!

The fact of climate change is no longer an issue for debate.

While climate change is a huge global concern, this little handbook empowers the individual to take action to counter it in whatever way we can.

It is jam-packed with useful suggestions. Each of the 50 chapters outlines practical actions to protect the planet and its resources: like having a holiday without using fossil fuel travel, avoiding food waste, making your clothes last, (not just refraining from buying more clothes but tips on removing stains, darning holes and unsticking zips), saving on heating by making and using draught-stoppers, growing your own food and even weeing on your compost! There are also chapters about how to be more aware of the wider perspective of the issues involved, how to be more informed about the global situation and how to contribute to being part of a political voice for addressing the future of the planet. Suggestions for being an activist include writing letters, joining a march and organising displays and events at school.

I imagine the companion volume, This Book Is Not Rubbish: 50 ways to Ditch Plastic, Reduce Rubbish and Save the World would similarly offer a pot-pourri of ideas to live more sustainably .

The cheerful, positive and conversational writing style is engaging and easy to follow. The chapters are short and snappy, with only four pages at the most and text in tables and frames, bullet-pointed and listed and well-spaced out with eye-catching, humorous cartoon drawings . The book's appearance, with its newsprint pages and black typeface, while not glossy and colourful, seems authentic and environmentally friendly.

The author addresses school students, but its contents are just as relevant and accessible to parents , teachers, and in fact to anyone of any age.

This little guide is so full of ways we can all take action, that rather than trying to absorb all the ideas at once, it is best kept handy and revisited again and again for inspiration.

This book is a powerful, positive and persuasive call to action, to everyone young or old, to live in a way that will (help) safeguard the world from further harm.

And reminds us that the individual, and that means you and me, can make a difference .

So let's work towards a better world today.

Clare Lyon

Published by Wren & Rook