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The Uncooperative Flying Carpet -The Strange Sagas Of Sabrina Summers by Michele Clark McConnochie

Shhhh! Sabrina Summers and her best friend, Persis, are trying to follow Bridget Bishop. As Sabrina's dad gets married to Bridget Bishop, Sabrina can sense something questionable. Where does Bridget go to? So Sabrina does what any sensible kid would do - not! She follows her step-mother and that is when the adventure begins.

Her best friend, Persis, her brother Rory and her school enemy Olive find themselves in a mysterious land known as Draylfynia and realize that they are wearing grotesque and uncomfortable fairytale outfits. As they get used to everything unusual in Draylfynia they figure out that each of them is a character from a fairy tale which explains their hideous and uncomfortable outfits.

The land is full of astonishing things like talking trees and houses made up of sweets and candies and surprisingly, this is where her stepmother comes by to spend time. The group makes friend with a hospitable and nice boy namely, Aidan. The funniest part of the book is how the group manages to get themselves kidnapped by goblins and how they escape using an uncooperative but accommodating flying carpet. As they escape the goblins' cave, Sabrina and her friends find her stepmother to help them get back to their world.

But will Bridget give them a spell, and if she does, does that mean she is a witch? And is she collaborating with the other Draylfynians for a good or bad cause? Will Sabrina and Olive become friends?

Their unbelievable adventure remains to be a story that just the four of them know about!

Reviewer: Gauri Bhandari

Morgan James Publishing, RRP $22.00


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