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The Tramp to the Blue Range Hut by Caz Bartholomew

In this truly nail-biting adventure, Mark and James decide to go tramping in the Tararua Ranges. It’s a spontaneous decision as the weather is so good, but when the two friends set out, it doesn’t take long for things to become challenging. Bad weather starts rolling in, and Mark finds that James hasn’t packed the right gear. It will be up to Mark (with help from the reader) to make the right choices to keep James safe…

Black-and-white images help bring the story to life, and it is a lot of fun picking which page to turn to each time as the story progresses. You can read through the book several times with different things happening, which is novel and left me in awe at how smart the author was to achieve this.

The Tramp to the Blue Range Hut is such a clever concept—it's a pick-a-path adventure with an engaging, interactive story for young people designed to encourage safety when tramping in the bush. Written with the support of New Zealand Search and Rescue, the reader makes choices that decide whether the characters ultimately survive or die. It’s a compelling and fun read that is also educational.


Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Precise Publishing


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