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The Top Secret Interdimensional Notes of Buttons McGinty by Rhys Darby

Buttons McGinty is back, and this time he's travelling through space and time in search of his parents. Buttons and his friends enter a universe unlike any you've seen before, using morse code and cryptic hieroglyphics to solve mysteries and ultimately find his parents.

This is the second book in this junior fiction series, written and illustrated by comedian Rhys Darby. Once again, it is action-packed with plenty of comedy, sci-fi and adventure to entertain younger readers. It is nonsensical, silly, and a real page turner.

While it's not necessary to read the first one, it would help. Darby recaps Button's first adventure, but a lot of the back story, especially around some of the creatures and characters, is missing.

Aimed at those younger readers who are just being introduced to chapter books, it is a relatively easy read. Darby has said the books are for reluctant readers, and he is absolutely right. Both books in the series are a step between comic books and more serious chapter books.

Both books are fun to read, imaginative, and engrossing. Darby crams adventure into the pages, using the dairy-like format to add suspense and mystery. Each page reveals something new -- a new twist or character - that urges you to keep reading.

While it could make for a great read aloud too, Darby includes plenty of illustrations that really need to be seen to add to the story. While it might not be ideal book to real aloud to a classroom full of children, it would make for a great bedtime story with your children.

Darby's signature madcap humour is present throughout the book, and the plot is full of energy. Parents, as well as children, will find this a fun read.

The final pages of this book hints at yet another in the series, with Buttons and his madcap crew looking likely to head to outer space on their next quest.

A fun and funny read that is bound to delight.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Scholastic, RRP $17.99


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