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The Slow Traveller: An intentional path to mindful adventures by Jo Tinsley

From walking trails, road trips and train journeys to finding solitude (in the city or the mountains!) this guide is a stunning call to change the way we travel today.

In the post-pandemic era, it’s not surprising so many of us are travelling again. New travel trends are also emerging with the renaissance of sleeper trains, improved cycling infrastructures and walking trails.

Sustainable travel is also increasingly important. Visiting a single destination and exploring it more thoroughly, makes sense on many levels, says Jo.

Slow travel isn’t new, however Jo is a veteran slow traveller and her evocative photographs and travel wisdom is inspiring.

“The first step to travelling more intentionally is to allow ourselves more time,” says author and journalist Jo Tinsley.

Slow travel isn’t necessarily about speed or the length of your trip, she explains.

“It is more about deceleration and reframing travel as a journey. It is adding value to your trips… so you can form more lasting memories and enduring connections.”

“More important than what you pack, how long you travel for or your mode of transport, is establishing the right mindset. I would like this book to spark new perspectives, and new ways of seeing the world; to help shape a philosophy that allows us to journey lightly, gently and adventurously, while allowing space for curiosity and connection.”

This may mean exploring lesser known destinations or trusting your instincts to turn unexpected situations into memorable experiences. Yes, delays and missed connections can be a catalyst for a wonderful adventure! Personally, Jo likes to roam with no agenda other than to experience life in other parts of the world.

Jo celebrates diversity, from journeys by water, alpine adventures to urban landscapes and more. She shares how any destination can be explored with a considered approach. The Slow Traveller encourages us to find mindful ways to connect, embrace spontaneity, new experiences and the unexpected.

If you’re considering travelling, I highly recommend Jo Tinsley’s The Slow Traveller for its insight into experiential travel. Jo Tinsley is the founding editor of Ernest Journal. Follow Jo online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen & Unwin


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