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The Skeleton Family by Ian Chapman, Illustrated by Cheryl Smith

In these turbulent times, we can never have too many books for our young that promote kindness and acceptance of others.

The Skeleton Family introduces us to a delightful, bony whānau who are like any other: they enjoy music, cooking cupcakes, video games, owning pets….

Theirs is a carefree existence, until a new family moves in next door, who are more than a little perturbed by their neighbours’ skeletal appearance.

Does the Skeleton Family shun them in return? No way! They immediately set about ingratiating themselves with the fearful family… and a party ensues! No doubt Skelly-dad’s funny skeleton song helped win them over.

The bright, bold illustrations and the kooky, semi-spooky song - composed by the music lecturer/performer author Chapman and available on his website - will ensure repeat readings.

Reviewer: Stacey Anyan

Bateman Books, $19.99


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