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The Runaway Girls by Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is a prolific children’s writer with over 100 books in print to her name and more than 40 million copies sold worldwide. Needless to say, we approached her latest novel with a great deal of anticipation.

The Runaway Girls is set in Victorian London, a period in history where Queen Victoria is on the throne and the Great Exhibition is about to open. The story is about two girls, Lucy and Kitty. Lucy is from a well-off family but is always lonely and just wants to make friends. Her family does not pay any attention to her, and she always gets told off. On the other hand, Kitty lives on the streets. She gets food from bins and money from singing. After Lucy runs away from home, she encounters Kitty by chance, and they set off on their adventure together. Though is London all that safe for them?

This book is filled with adventure, and there are twists around every corner. Follow along with Lucy and Kitty as they go on their adventures. Meet lots of new characters like the Muscled Marvel, Mrs Turnover and Tommy Magpie. This book is perfect for kids eight and up who love adventure books with heaps of surprises!

Doubleday Children’s, RRP $30

Reviewed by Milla McKenzie-Brown and Karen McMillan


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