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The Road to Madhapur by David Whittet

Drawing on inspiration from his work as a family doctor, The Road to Madhapur is a story that follows the lives of two people.

Theo is inspired to go into medicine after meeting a Ugandan refugee in his last year at high school. But at medical school, his idealism is dented when his professor tells him he will never make a doctor. Although he is determined to prove the professor wrong, when he makes it to Uganda on a student assignment, the death of a patient destroys his confidence even further.

Meanwhile, teenager Elisha is upset when her father announces the entire family will go with him on his next missionary campaign to India. They move there, and Elisha is even more miserable, but worse is in store when her beloved mother dies after a preventable accident at a local Indian hospital.

Theo and Elisha’s lives intersect when they are both a little older. He is on assignment in Madhapur, and Elisha has decided to take up nursing there, both of whom are a little wiser after their life experiences. But nothing will prepare them for what will happen next, with growing political tension and opposition to western medicine about to cause terrible tragedy for them both.

The Road to Madhapur will appeal to readers of true-to-life medical dramas, with action that goes from New Zealand to Uganda to India, from missionary work and medical fieldwork with the poorest of patients to the ritzy world of models and appearance medicine. It’s a very dramatic read, but I don’t want to say more as I might give away some spoilers!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan



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