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The Pet Problem by Elizabeth Kirby-McLeod

Eugene’s Island is the new series from Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod and illustrated by Anna McKessar about a boy, Eugene, and his adventures on a wildlife sanctuary island where his dad is tasked with running. The series continues with “The Pet Problem” where the family have found their rhythm on the island and Eugene discovers one of the island's true treasures - a kiwi egg.

But Eugene is caught between his intrigue towards the hatched egg - something that is so important to their role on the island as conservationists - and his love for his pet dog Jupiter who he was forced to leave behind with his grandmother.

In a fortunate turn of events, Eugene’s grandmother is on her way over for a visit - but without Jupiter as he cannot be on the pest-free island. His grandmother has a surprise for him though.

Eugene’s Island is such a wonderful experience for young readers. Creating this magical world that celebrates New Zealand islands and their importance in the great ecosystems of our native world. Teaching young readers about these elements is vital for the next generation of preserving the heritage of these animals and native fauna.

Once again, Kirky-McLeod has crafted a beautiful story encompassing kiwiana, conservation and relatable characters. It’s a classic in the making!

Reviewer: Chris Reed

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