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The Perfect Man by Sheila O'Flangan

The Perfect Man is the fourteenth novel from the Irish writer Sheila O’Flanagan.

Main characters are sisters Britt and Mia – very different, Britt composed and elegant and aloof, Mia plump and pretty and laidback.

Britt a very successful divorce lawyer, Mia single mum to three-year-old Allegra – what they have in common is disastrous love lives.

Britt has published a bestselling novel, and is invited to be the writer in residence on a two-week Caribbean cruise – at the last minute her PA has an accident and Mia steps in to accompany her as her assistant.

This is where the action begins, as the women meet various people, argue with them and about them, and form connections that may last beyond the cruise.

O’Flanagan took a cruise herself as research for the book, and it shows – even if the idea of a cruise never appealed to you, I guarantee you’ll be fantasizing about one after reading her descriptions of fabulous island villages they stop off at along the way

This is chick-lit, but it’s as good as chick-lit gets – reading this reminded me of when I first discovered Bridget Jones, in that the quality of the storytelling is so high, it’s incredibly entertaining, and the writer has created characters that you engage with and really root for.

One of the best things is that I never knew where it was going – books in this genre are often predictable, but I couldn’t pick who Britt and Mia would end up with, or if they would end up with anyone. I heartily recommend this book.

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Reviewer: Stephanie Jones

Published by Hachette


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