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The Ocean Speaks, curated by Matt Porteous & Tamsin Raine

Split into four sections, The Ocean Speaks features stories and glorious photography from the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Polar Oceans. The range of content is thought-provoking and brings hope for the future.

Endless, mysterious and profound, the ocean holds the secrets to life itself. But within their depths lies a hidden truth – the ocean, our most undervalued asset, is under threat.

This is what we find near the front of the book, but the book goes on to be hopeful that people working in marine biology, environmental science and conversation can make a real and lasting difference.

The essays and photography are powerful. We learn about fighting illegal fishing in Israeli Waters, a marine sanctuary in the Dominion Republic that plays host to over 3,000 humpback whales, and the vulnerability of the manatee species in Florida. As readers, we forage the shoreline of Cape Peninsula in South Africa, we explore the coral marine life on the Ningaloo Coast in Australia and we experience The Turtle Tomb, the only known turtle ‘graveyard’ on the planet.

Giving voice to the ocean, this hardback book is a visual feast that presents the stories of more than 40 ocean enthusiasts united in their mission to protect the world’s most undervalued and unexplored resource. From vibrant coral reefs to spectacular migrating marine creatures, The Ocean Speaks has just the right balance between informative text full of hope and awe-inspiring photography.


Karen McMillan

White Lion Publishing



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