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The Makers by Monique Hemmingson, photography by Erin Cave

As a creative person, I’m always interested in the stories of other creatives, so I picked up The Makers with a lot of enthusiasm.

I wasn’t disappointed. This is a gorgeous hardback produced by renowned publisher Beatnik Publishing, and the book showcases 26 diverse artists in Australia and New Zealand. In the interviews, these talented people discuss what it is to be a creative professional, how arts and creativity impact on the cultural wellbeing of society, and also the importance of creativity in their own lives.

Each chapter features photographs of creative people, from all walks of life, with their creations, and there are painters, photographers, writers, musicians, glass blowers and jewellers, just to name a few.

I particularly enjoy the chapter with Ben Young, a sculptor who has been working full-time for the past nine years. He talks about the importance of being part of a community, as the best way to learn and grow is to talk to other artists, even if they are working in different mediums. He also talks about finding the balance between producing work that will sell but still doing what you love.

Joanna Gibbs is another chapter I enjoyed. She works as a dried floral designer, but she is doing something quite different as everything she does is environmentally ethical, ensuring it is not bleached or sprayed. She also speaks about the importance of community, and like Ben, she has chosen a slower life, with less focus on just financial rewards.

The Makers is a must-read for any creative person interested in other people’s stories. It’s an inspirational and practical read full of insight for anyone contemplating a creative life.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Beatnik Publishing


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