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The Language of Tattoos by Oliver Munden & Nick Schonberger

Did you know one in three of us has at least one tattoo? Tattoos are everywhere and are one of the most popular ways of expressing our identities.

This exquisitely illustrated guide explores the meaning and significance of various symbols, exploring the global cultural history of this widespread form of body art.

When we choose a design to be inked, a language of meanings lies behind the visuals we choose. For example, a lotus flower, koi carp swimming upstream or a dragon rising towards the sun: these are all symbols of strength and overcoming adversity.

The Language of Tattoos delves into the history of the most popular motifs that recur in various tattoo styles including tribal, traditional, Japanese and realistic. Each symbol is illustrated by artist and tattooist Oliver Munden and accompanied by tattoo expert Nick Schonberger’s explanation.

Over 130 symbols are grouped according to their meanings – love, faith and spirituality, protection and guidance, transformation, luck, strength, desire, resilience and, loss, memory and transience. Anyone who either has a tattoo or has considered one, will enjoy this visual delight and fascinating insights. It is the ideal book for anyone wanting to learn more about tattoo symbolism or just loves tattoo art. Preview the contents and other pages here.

Nick Schonberger is a New York based writer and critic on fashion, culture and music. Follow Oliver Munden online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Frances Lincoln, RRP $45.00


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