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The Italian Marriage by Jenna Lo Bianco

In order to secure the future of his family estate in Florence, workaholic lawyer Matthew D'Adamo needs a wife to fulfil an ancient inheritance clause. His new ‘wife’ Sarah meets him for the first time in person at Sydney airport. While legally married, it’s purely a business relationship for both though, and they plan to divorce after Matthew inherits the estate.

But nothing goes to plan when they arrive in Florence. It turns out there is another claimant on the estate, so they are given property to restore on the border of Tuscany and Umbria, and to then run this as lodgings for paying guests. They have a year to prove their worth, and the couple perceived to be the best inherits the estate and the property they have renovated, and the second-place couple will receive a one-off lump payment sum and can also keep their property if they would like.

The property Matthew and Sarah are allocated is a run-down ruin, but they resolve to knuckle in, renovate, and bring this place back to its full glory. But there are many obstacles along the way, including a growing attraction between the pair, which will surely only complicate things.

They will need their wits about them in Italy as they compete with the other couple for the inheritance. An enchanting, escapist rom-com read, especially if you are partial to a romance set in Italy!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan Publishers


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