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The Invincibles: Short Circuit by Peter Millett

Powered up heroes Tana, Scotty, Zinnia, Andrea and Muzza are back. The power of The Invincibles last only as long as a game of footy, and if they don't stick together as a team, they could lose them forever.

The second book in The Invincibles series, this sports-themed action-comedy series is set to turn things upside down as the heroes go from titans to tiny.

Can the fearless footy friends survive a field of doom and outwit Tricky Ricky and his darstardly deeds before the All Greats' golden history is destroyed?

While this is the second book in the series, it functions as a stand-alone too. Author Peter Millett makes sure to provide brief, yet important, information to readers new to the series.

Millett is also not afraid to dive into toilet humour. While it might seem infantile, he really understands children's humour. There's superheroes, villans, children and adults, none of whom escape Millett's wit.

The book also features humourous black and white drawings by illustrator Myles Lawford. The illustrations help scaffold understanding for younger, or less experienced, readers. The book design also includes feature typography, that once again, helps those less experienced.

This easy to read book is full of action and will encourage children of all reading levels. As well as being about our national sport, the book touches on deeper themes. Friendship and cooperation are important, so too is humility and the teamwork.

The Invincibles: Short Circuit is a fun middle-grade read that will appeal to a wide audience of younger readers.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Scholastic, RRP $14.99


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