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The House on Pleasant Street by Sofie Laguna

The House on Pleasant Street is out just in time for Halloween and features the family of Alby - an interesting combination of ghouls and the stuff of trick or treaters - draculas, mummies and mad scientists. When they move into the neighbourhood they certainly turn some heads. It takes halloween to bring out the connection that Alby can make with the young boys and girls on his Pleasant Street - despite his dad trying to constantly get a trick or two along the way.

The House on Pleasant Street really articulates connection between people and how in sharing a special moment - in this case, Halloween - allows for friendships to grow. As well as having a clear connection to his family, Alby is definitely keen to get more out of his pet, the dragon Delia as they are still in the learning process of how to make lightning.

Sofie Laguna has created a beautiful world of magic with trees that walk around and tal, and a tree house that really challenges the very possibility of such things. The art work by Marc McBride brings the whole thing to life with humour and just a hint of cheekiness.

Overall, the book is a wonderful, funny and spooky story of a young boy’s love of his family and connection with the people on his street. The perfect gift for Halloween and a great bedtime story.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Allen & Unwin


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