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The Healthy Kiwi Student by Emily and Sophie Martin

Local university students, Sophie and Emily Martin offer tips for balancing the demands of study, eating well, managing money, staying fit and mentally well in The Healthy Kiwi Student.

The 22 year old twins from Wellington are known as The Tasty Twins, thanks to their popular Instagram following. Emily is in her final year of an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sophie is studying Consumer Food Science and Marketing. Together, they share a passion for living a balanced lifestyle.

“There’s no denying it, student life can be tough. Staying on top of your classwork and passing exams can be challenging enough, let alone figuring out how to cook yummy flat meals, managing your finances and keeping yourself fit and mentally healthy,” they say.

Fuelled by their insta-success, the twins have pooled their knowledge and offer an excellent collection of budget-conscious recipes, including on the go lunches and study snacks. Breakfast recipes include classic protein oats, coffee peanut butter granola and smoothie bowls. Low-cost lunches on the run (no reheating required) include veggie frittata, one tray pumpkin salad and pesto pasta. When it comes to feeding the flatties, Emily and Sophie offer up nutritious meals that don’t require hours in the kitchen.

The twins also recognise how common mental health issues are amongst their peers. Based on their own experiences as students living away from home, they share strategies for tackling anxiety and depression. Physical exercise is another priority for Emily and Sophie, with simple home workouts included, as well as gym routines.

“From flatting tricks and study tips to how to make the most of your weekly instalment from Studylink, we’ve got you covered.”

The Healthy Kiwi Student is more than just a cookbook, it’s a self-care handbook, making it the perfect gift for students.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Bateman Books, RRP $29.99


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