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The Grief Wave by Trace Moroney

NZ author and illustrator Trace Moroney is passionate about creating beautiful children’s picture books that help build emotional and social intelligence in our children. The Grief Wave is part of her ‘My Emotion Series’ with books written for the ups and downs of life, as she says on the cover, ‘big feelings for little people.’

In this story, the main character experiences the death of a loved one with all the confusion and upset that grief brings. Using the metaphor of a wave, we read, ‘Grief feels like being swept away by a great, big, gigantic wave of sadness…’ while later on, ‘The grief waves may never, ever go away, but – over time – they become smaller and easier to cope with.’

The Grief Wave sensitively explains the experience of loss and grief, ensuring the reader knows it is different for everyone. It offers a range of techniques to help children through their grief, whether it be the death of someone, loss of family through divorce, or other losses in life.

The beautiful, muted illustrations and design perfectly complement the carefully considered text. The Grief Wave is an invaluable book for any child facing loss in their young lives and has many practical suggestions for navigating this difficult life journey.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

EQ Publications


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