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The Golden Scarab’s Secret by Lindy Davis

A sequel to Lindy Davis’s The Golden Scarab, which too was about an Egyption artifact, but set in New Zealand, The Golden Scarab’s Secret is instead set in modern Egypt. If you haven’t read the first novel, don’t worry – it isn’t really necessary as The Golden Scarab’s Secret is its own adventure that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge of the previous book.

While on holiday in Egypt, Oliver is determined to return the golden scarab he rescued from a thief to its rightful place in Egypt. What he doesn’t count on is that someone else is after the scarab, and with danger lurking in every corner, Oliver must figure out who he can really trust. It is a fun novel – a little slow at the beginning, but the last half is fast paced and exciting. It is steeped in the history and wonders of Egypt, but they don’t overwhelm the plot.

The Golden Scarab’s Secret is one of the most vividly descriptive novels I’ve read. If author Lindy Davis hasn’t been to Egypt, she has sure done her research. Everything about the setting – from the museums to the pyramids and tombs to the bazaar readers are taken on a tour of the incredible sights of Egypt, including Cairo and Luxor. Everything is richly detailed, and if a reader wasn’t particularly interested in going to Egypt before, they will be after reading this book!

Boys (and girls) aged 10+ will enjoy The Golden Scarab’s Secret, especially if they have an interest in Egyption history. It is a fun read, and an incredible adventure – but be warned: it will bring out the travel bug in the reader!

REVIEWER: JJ McConnachie

TITLE: The Golden Scarab

AUTHOR(S): Lindy Davis


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