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The Fury by Alex Michaelides

From the best-selling author of The Silent Patient comes a riveting new psychological thriller! \

One morning, the reclusive, former movie star Lana Farrar invites a small group of her closest friends for a weekend away on her private island off the coast of Mykonos, Greece. It’s a short flight from London and a welcome change from the dreary weather. The weekend promises to be warm and sunny, offering a chance to relax and reconnect. But within 48 hours, one of them will be dead!

In this gripping tale, murder lurks beneath the surface of what appears to be a weekend getaway among friends. Told with masterful suspense, you will be challenged by every twist and turn. 

“Writing this book was a very organic process. It was originally an idea I had for a movie or a TV series, intended to be just a paragraph long. But then it grew into a short story, then a novella, until I realised I was actually writing a novel. I had so much fun writing it; I think that’s why I kept going,” says Alex. “The idea came from Agatha Christie and her crime classic, And Then There Were None. I had always been in awe of that book, as have many other writers and readers. I thought it would be a great challenge to try and take it on and do my own version.”

“I was also inspired by my time working in Hollywood as a screenwriter and all the larger-than-life characters I encountered there – the writers, the movie stars, the directors. I saw some incredibly bad behaviour from famous people and I stored it all in my mind for later use.” “When I came to write The Fury, I thought it would be fun to take those larger-than-life personalities and trap them on a Greek island. And then throw in a murder.”

Alex Michaelides’ first novel The Silent Patient debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list and has sold more than 6.5 million copies worldwide. It is currently under development as a film. Follow Alex online and read more about The Fury.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

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