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The Feel Good Guide by Matilda Green

Matilda Green’s first book came out in 2017, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living a Beautiful Life, and she’s now followed up with her new book The Feel Good Guide. Of course, people will know her from having won The Bachelor NZ.

The whole premise of The Feel Good Guide is steps to being happier and more fulfilled. She talks through things like self-esteem, practising mediation, mindfulness and gratitude in your life – and what those things really mean – and how you incorporate them into your life. She also has chapters on the environment, nutrition and sleep.

What I really like about this book is that she draws on her own life with examples, and she’s got a great writing style – it’s very relaxed and friendly. She says the book is not so much about changing yourself, but it’s about celebrating yourself and finding the right tools to help you remember what an awesome person you really are, especially in times of stress and worry. So there are really lovely messages in this book, and it’s an attractive publication with loads of photos and it’s split into easy to read chapters.

I really like the gratitude chapter, and the reminder to be thankful for everything you do have, rather than the things you don’t have. So that could be things like your family, your friends, your pets, your sense of humour, a roof over your head. And I like that then Matilda encourages us to not just think compliments but to voice them as well. Imagine how lovely the world would be if we all did that!

I think anyone who would like to have a few tools to be happier in life will really enjoy The Feel Good Guide. All the advice is very achievable. It’s an inspirational book that strikes the right balance between Matilda’s own story and lots of practical advice. It’s very nicely done.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Published by Allen & Unwin


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