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The Democracy Game by Riley Chance

Investigative journalist Grace Marks and former US agent Marla Simmons join forces in The Democracy Game, a thought-provoking political thriller with just the right blend of action, unforgettable characters, and a riveting plot that examines a multitude of societal issues.

Grace is investigating two stories that seem unrelated. The first is New Zealand’s alt-right. The second is a new political party that is emerging, ProtectNZ, with its slogan of ‘protecting the lives of ordinary New Zealanders.’

Their leader is charismatic, but when he is the target of an assassination attempt, interest in his party soars.

When threats towards Grace escalate, including a ‘dead man’s hand’ nailed to her home front door with a knife, Grace is concerned about her family’s safety but determined to keep investigating these two stories, despite the danger, and she starts to wonder if the two stories might be connected.

Marla has been living a quiet life under the radar in a remote part of the country, but when she hears about the threats to Grace’s safety, she decides to use her secret agent skills to help Grace track down the people responsible for threatening her. She stakes out Grace’s house, and it’s not long before she finds one of the people involved.

Then a body is found, and the stakes are even higher, as Grace and Marla join forces to uncover the truth.

A first-rate thriller for the thinking person!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

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