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The Camping Cookbook by Sara Mutande and Andrea Lovetere

The Camping Cookbook is a gorgeous little hardback that is designed so you can chuck it into your backpack when you head out camping. It’s got great recipes so you can enjoy some good food out in the wild, and loads of practical advice on how to achieve this.

The authors have Spanish and Italian heritage, so when they moved to NZ they resolved never to forgo the pleasure of a good meal, even when enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.

Each recipe is specially adapted for camping and tramping. The recipes are presented in easy-to-follow steps which will appeal to both beginners and more advanced cooks. All the recipes are designed for the practicalities of camping life, with weight, space and time limitations in mind.

It details the equipment you need and it also has loads of tips for pre-preparing ingredients to make it easier when you are camping.

It is hard to choose favourites, as all the recipes look delicious, but I’d choose:

The homemade pizza, and what is amazing is that you can do this while camping with only using one pan!

The stuffed mushrooms look great! They use portobello mushrooms, that get rehydrated with a clever combination of soy and white wine, with paprika to add flavour.

The Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes. So to do these, you put all the dry ingredients in a bag, so you can use it when you go camping. After you had cooked the pancakes, they are great served with berries!

The Beer Cheese Fondue is a lot of fun and it’s the perfect excuse to join around a warm dish.

The Camping Cookbook is perfect for taking camping with all the tips and recipes you need to eat well. It would make a lovely gift as well, and you could also do the recipes at home.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Beatnik Publishing.


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