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The Bricktionary by Ryan McNaught

Be inspired to create and build new models with The Bricktionary! Take your LEGO creations to the next level with expert techniques and become fluent in LEGO language.

The A-Z of creative builds and insider tips has been curated by Ryan McNaught aka Brickman. His expert tips show you the different ways LEGO can be used. Plus, there’s design challenges, pro techniques and a colour guide. It’s suitable for beginners to advanced builders.

Whether you’re an adult or kid fan of LEGO, starting small or aiming high, The Bricktionary will be indispensable for any LEGO collection. Most importantly, you don’t require a particular LEGO set to accompany the book. When it comes to LEGO, it’s not how much you have, but how you use it. Brickman shares some important LEGO lessons, including that failures are OK in brick world. The great thing about LEGO is you get free unlimited do-overs. There’s also no right or wrong way to create.

“There is nothing more satisfying in the LEGO world than not only coming up with an amazing idea, but also executing that idea into an incredible LEGO model,” says Ryan.

The super cool thing about LEGO is you’re constantly learning and creating. I enjoyed the Bricktionary’s accessible, colourful and well-designed format. You can dive in at any page and read it backwards and forwards.

Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught is the southern hemisphere’s only LEGO certified professional. When he is not judging LEGO Masters Australia he manages the construction of LEGO models for exhibitions and displays that tour the world.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Murdoch Books, RRP $45.00


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