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The Black Spiral by Eileen Merriman

The Black Spiral is the final book in the 'Black Spiral' trilogy and brings the series to a thrilling conclusion. Once more, we follow the stories of Violet and Johnno, teenagers who have survived the deadly M-Fever, that has afterward given them astonishing abilities – that of being able to communicate telepathically and being able to change into animal form.

They have finally escaped the sinister Foundation and their cruel experiments to a place of safety. But now there are three of them – Violet, Johnno and their unborn child, three hearts beating, so the stakes have never been higher.

Unfortunately, their time of safety is short-lived as the Foundation does everything in its power to get its hands on the baby. It’s not long before Violet and their unborn baby is kidnapped again, with Johnno trying desperately to find where they have been taken. They are no longer in New Zealand or Australia. Just where are they?

The Black Spiral takes the trilogy to a deeper level while still being a suspenseful, page-turning read. The characters are well-drawn, the plotting first-class, and the story lingers in your mind long after reading the final page. It’s aimed at the young adult reader, but older readers will also enjoy these futuristic books.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan



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