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The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions: Real life adventures in curiosity by Isabel Thomas

Spending time with small children, who so beautifully encapsulate living in the present moment, often leads you to shed your adult wariness - and weariness - about the world, and see it once more through fresh eyes: the beauty of a monarch fluttering on the breeze, dew drops revealing a spider’s intricately spun web, the unseeable marvel of gravity.

The curly questions posed in this book - Could I swim in ice cream? Why are bubbles always round? Do animals have imaginations? Are cats liquid or solid? Where do bruises come from?, to name a few - absolutely sound as though they came from out the mouths of babes, and are answered in a way that most school-aged children could grasp.

The book beautifully balances being informative yet entertaining. You could dip in and out of this book as you please: there’s an illustrated question on each page, so it’s not too taxing to get through - although each question pondered may well generate several more. The intro and outro are plugs for pursuing a career in science - a great way to plant the seed of an idea in a young mind.

Reviewer: Stacey Anyan

Bloomsbury Publishing

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