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The Art of Words by Robert Vescio

This unique book takes younger readers on a fun journey exploring the magic of words. Readers discover how words can be shortened, extended, and even switched around. Meet ugly words, colourful words, and words that just need a friend.

The Art of Words is a clever book and one that stands out. Author Rovert Vescio and illustrator Joanna Bartel bring words to life on the page.

Two children and their dog playfully interact with letters and words, discovering their functions and capabilities.

The typography of the book is the major feature, with words scaled, coloured and positioned to enhance their meaning and reflect the link between verbal and visual.

For younger readers, The Art of Words makes them think about language and helps them to build and maintain a positive attitude towards literacy.

Children learn about the power of words, which is invaluable as they learn to read and write their own stories.

Despite its focus on how we use words, the book is only 100 words long. That doesn't make it a short book though, as readers take time to explore words through the imaginative imagery. With so few words, the book is also perfect for beginner readers - not only is it relatively easy to remember, the pictorial nature of the book gives plenty of visual clues.

Bartel creates detailed worlds within the book, with plenty of interesting detail to capture attention. Her drawings exude joy and energy.

Detailed teachers' notes are also available on the EK Books website, which are perfect not only for the classroom. Parents and caregivers will learn a lot about using books as a resource and tool.

Put simply, The Art of Words makes literacy fun. It reveals just how much power words actually have. A brilliant, unique addition to any bookshelf.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

EK Books, RRP $24.99


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