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The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder by CL Miller

A unique new take on the classic whodunnit is an irresistible read for anyone interested in antiques. It features two new female protagonists to fall in love with—reluctant detective Freya Lockwood and her charming and dazzling elderly aunt Carole.

Freya has avoided the English village she grew up in for twenty years, but then she learns that Arthur Crockleford, her estranged mentor and antique mentor has died. He was elderly, but the circumstances seem suspicious, so when she goes to help Aunt Carole with the arrangements and they are delivered a letter with clues, Freya is soon on the case to solve the mystery.

However, when they go to an ‘antiques enthusiast weekend,’ nothing is as it seems, and their lives could be in danger. Researching the mystery also forces Freya to confront the past and the incident that caused her to be estranged from Arthur in the first place…

The characters and plot are a delight, and this is an absolute joy to read, set in the picture-perfect setting of Dedham Vale. It is the first in a series, and I can’t wait to see what Freya and Carole get up to next.

What antique would you kill for?

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Pan Macmillan, RRP $37.99


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