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Take Your Space by Jo Cribb and Rachel Petero

Would you like to negotiate flexible hours or ask for a pay rise, but not sure how? Do you think you have been passed over for promotion? Perhaps you are constantly talked over in meetings?

If you answer yes, to any of these questions, authors Jo Cribb and Rachel Petero will show you how to take your space. Ultimately, Take Your Space addresses everyday inequality. Jo and Rachel share the stories of a diverse range of successful women who want to help other women take a step forward.

“By sharing what works, we can support each other to take our next step forward. And when a woman steps forward to take her space, we all succeed,” they write.

The real life experiences show women how to find their worth, negotiate, be confident, know their rights, stand up to discrimination and make space for other women along the way. Take Your Space also highlights self-care and addresses the chores, childcare and carrying the organisational (and emotional) workload of households. It is full of pragmatic suggestions and strategies to help you achieve your own goals.

Take Your Space is particularly timely, as the COVID-19 recession is disproportionately affecting women. The Shecession is impacting women with the worldwide loss of jobs, particularly in service industry roles including hospitality, retail and tourism.

Jo Crib has held CEO roles at the Ministry for Women and Read NZ. She is now a management consultant, mentor and facilitator. Rachel Petero is the founder and CEO of Rise2025, a Unicef New Zealand board director and the co-chair of the Ngāti Tamaoho and Te Ohu Whai Ao Trusts. Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, describes the book as a how-to guide for women wanting to get ahead in any walk of life, drawing on the experiences of those who’ve done the hard yards.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

OneTree House, RRP $34.00


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