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Take Two by Danielle Hawkins

In Danielle Hawkins's latest charming novel, Take Two, we meet Laura. She split from Doug seven years ago but has kept in touch with his parents from time to time.

On a social call to see them, she finds them needing some help with sickness rearing its ugly head, as well as a shop and a farm to run. Laura has always been fond of them, so she steps in to help her ex’s family. After all, their break was amicable; she had wanted children, and he hadn’t, so that was that.

But it has given her pause for thought over the years how he quickly got his new girlfriend pregnant, and now she finds they are adding another child to the two they already parent. And it’s curious that the SOS came from Doug’s younger brother, Mick, who is a bit of a playboy and not someone to be taken too seriously. Although as they work together to keep the children, the farm, and the business still functioning, perhaps he has changed.

Laura finds herself re-evaluating her life as she battles crisis after crisis, revisiting her past and looking to a different future than the one she had imagined…

Danielle has a real talent for writing humorously; this book was laugh-out-loud in places. Her writing is consistently warm and engaging, and even when dealing with some heavy issues, she has a lovely light touch. There is a real sense of family and community in this book, and while Laura is the central character, the large cast of players all feel very rounded and relatable. For any reader after a feel-good but tender read with a big heart, I’d highly recommend Take Two.


Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Allen & Unwin


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