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Suck it Up, Princess by Natalie Sisson

Real-life strategies to be the heroine you already are and have the money, success and life you deserve.

Natalie is an ex-corporate woman turned blogger turned Monetisation coach. Her books are bestsellers on Amazon. Despite her personal goal, to inspire 1000 women to make $10,000 each month, and to pass those benefits on, she spends very little time in this book talking about money. Rather, the book focuses on mindset, delving into the basics like morning routine, working boundaries, and moving on to discuss imposter syndrome and managing relationships.

She shares her personal stories and struggles, and occasionally the challenges and successes of the women she has mentored. She certainly seems to have had a lot of life experience, a lot of different jobs (including underwear modelling, and working at a cosmetics company, before becoming her own boss) and has completed an impressive feat of athletic endeavours, including triathlons, dragon boat rowing, body sculpting competitions and more. All of these opportunities have taught her the importance of motivation and following through, in personal and professional situations.

The book is aimed towards women who are entrepeneurs, career-driven, or own their own businesses, but also could be of interest to anyone who is looking to achieve more. It is divided into five parts, Unleash Your Inner Heroine, Create Your Universe, Become a Warrior Princess, Opening Your Treasure Chest, and Queen of Hearts. The language is very go-get-it. There’s lots of ‘go girl’, and if sometimes it feels a little corny, nuggets of truth do rest in its pages.

The most useful part of the book for me was Natalie’s suggestion to focus on three life areas per day that you want to dedicate time to and that are important to maintain. This manifests as three actions that maintain or work towards areas such as relationship goals, career goals, health goals, etc. This can include half an hour of quality time spent with a partner or children, completing a piece of writing, and going for a run. She suggests three is a magic number because it is achievable, but also motivates you to move forward.

The cover runs with the powerful princess theme of the title, and it is assertive and dramatic, strong colours on black. As indicated by the crown on the cover, the book’s message is about empowerment. It’s really about reinvigorating not only your lifestyle, but the way you think about the world.

The title is a bit off-putting, as it has deprecating connotations that aren’t entirely overcome by the explanation the book offers for it. The lesson behind ‘suck it up’, Natalie explains, is not to shoulder on through. Rather, the book stresses the importance of self-care, and the dangers of burnout. ‘Sucking it up’ is telling yourself you are good enough and learning to say goodbye to your self doubts.

Reviewer: Susannah Whaley

Tonawhai Press, RRP $29.99


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