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Stories from Our Back Roads: The South Island by Ray Stone

The companion volume to the North Island edition, this South Island book introduces the reader to many routes, tracks and trails, many of them crossing over remote countryside with a rich and fascinating history. Some follow the route of Maori foot trails or the path of early European settlers, all adding something to our history.

There are so many highlights in this book, including:

  • Driving the murderous Maungatapu Track near Nelson, with its history of the Burgess Gang.

  • The Braeburn Track and learning about the local history, including the Howard Valley gold.

  • Driving the stock routes in Canterbury encompasses Maori history and early European exploration.

  • Driving the various passes in the book will take you into some of the most picturesque parts of New Zealand, rich with history.

  • Tobins Track in the Lake District is only short but stepped in gold mining history and a flood in 1862.

As well as providing vivid descriptions for each route, there is also advice for drivers and maps. This is a fabulous book, a must-have for anyone with a four-wheel drive and a sense of adventure, and anyone wanting to know more about our unique history.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

Bateman Books, RRP $49.99


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