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Stink-o-saurus Saves Christmas by Deano Yipadee

The dinosaurs can't wait for Christmas morning, but unfortunately Santa is having trouble with his transport. Stan the Stink-o-saurus heads off to the North Pole to see if he can help. Christmas is in trouble, but Stan has a plan to 'waft' in and save the day.

This book will be an absolute hoot for any dinosaur lover, or for any little one for whom toilet humour is the epitome of hilarity.

The accompanying CD is very well done. There's a great beat and rhythm, and it's a fun song to sing. Children will not be able to resist moving along in time to the music. It's got a fast tempo and lots of instrument changes and a variety of voices, which keeps your interest. The track is also available on Spotify - making it accessible for all.

Author Deano Yipadee has said he tries to write his stories as a good story, but then reworks them so they work as a catchy song too. This is true for Stink-o-saurus Saves Christmas. For younger readers, or those less confident, the catchy and fun song will set them up for success. We all know we remember things better as songs, and by using the song first those that need support will ace the reading.

Illustrator Paul Bevis does a fantastic job, yet again, with his quirky artwork. He matches the humour of the story wonderfully. Each dinosaur is distinct and full of character, with Stan standing out with his bright and cheery orange skin.

The book design is also well done. Text roars from the pages in bright colours and fonts. Again, it sets less confident readers up for success and makes it a fun read aloud book. There's no mistaking where you're meant to emphasize your voice in this book.

A fun and festive read, Stink-o-saurus Saves Christmas would be the perfect gift under the Christmas tree for any younger reader.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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