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Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

There are five different adventures in the Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure series, and we have the Galactic Missions Adventure here. Each adventure has a book, poster, bookmarks and a Lego minifigure and exclusive model.

So we’ve built the Bespin Guard’s Cloud Car, but the book has all these cool building ideas where you can use your own Lego. So, as an example, you can also create an ice cream stand, a gungan sub and a scavenger crane.

As you go through the book, it has a story with a mission, and loads of ideas for creating the different locations and characters. It doesn’t tell children exactly how to build something – they have different Lego pieces at home anyway – but instead it has loads of ideas with pictures that encourages children’s creativity. The story features favourite characters like Han Solo.

This is loads of fun, that combines storytelling, building Lego and imagination. It’s an adventure that children can enjoy over and over!

Reviewers: Milla McKenzie Brown and Karen McMillan


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