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Sparrow Fart by Samantha Laugesen, illustrated by Scott Tulloch

When Tom’s Nan tells him he is tired because he was up at sparrow fart, Tom is full of questions. ‘What is a sparrow? How do they fart? How can I hear one? What time do they start?’

This leads Tom on an early morning adventure to try to find out what a sparrow fart sounds like. Along the way, he meets an owl, pigeon, rooster, chicken and turkey. But will he meet a sparrow?

Samantha Laugesen has written several popular children’s picture books, including Stuck in Poo, What to do? Gumboot Stomp and Trevor the Smelliest Dog Ever.

Sparrow Fart is another fun read for little people. Scott Tulloch’s colourful illustrations add another enjoyable dimension to the book. I’m sure it will prompt a few discussions with children, and it’s a playful, age-appropriate read that is likely to cause a few giggles when children take in both the text and illustrations. The final illustration is a special treat!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Luke the Pook Press


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