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Small Space Style by Sara Emslie, photography by Rachel Whiting

Small Space Style is an inspiring guide to making the most of even the tiniest homes and it showcases 13 small homes.

Wow! After reading this book I was completely buzzed! Visually it is brilliant with great photography and the explanations of the various examples are well illustrated in pictures and words. The examples are from many European cities and also the UK.

The sizes of homes vary from 16 square metres to 128 square metres, and the ideas come thick and fast…styling ideas, space saving ideas, and ideas on how to arrange the space to make it look larger, plus advice on things like colour choices.

At 162 pages this is a very comprehensive book and a great read, even for people who don’t have a small or tiny house, there are also applications from this book you could use in any home.

There are so many favourite homes in this book, but I particularly enjoyed reading and learning about ‘Light and Bright’ a tiny, top-floor Parisian apartment of only 32 square metres, that makes the most of a naturally sunny aspect, roof space and high ceilings. It is impressive.

Another favourite from the book is ‘Chic Petite’, a pint-sized apartment in Paris, that is a practical and attractive space for a student living alone to live in, to sleep, to eat and to work, making the most of a tiny space.

Another outstanding home was ‘Lofty Aspirations’ in the Swedish City of Malmo, with its robust factory-style industrial aesthetic. It’s a little larger than some of the other homes in the book at 100 square metres, but I could easily move into this place just as it is (if I lived in Sweden, of course)!

Small Space Style is a stunning book and is highly recommended by this reader.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, RRP $49.99


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