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Skiddies by Marion Day

Benji is an adventurous little boy who lives on a farm. Around him, amazing things happen; a wild boar chumps his tusks at him, a terrifying taniwha flashes his watery eyes, aliens try to beam him up. These disturbing happenings have disturbing results- ‘skiddies’ in his undies. But Mum comes up with exciting solutions. Benji can chuck his undies on the line and give them a water-blast; he can dunk them in a creek and let the stag blow-wave them dry.

Beautifully crafted, the language is delightful with the use of words that may be new and interesting to small children such as frond and watery and the musicality of the vocabulary creates fun and interest. The picture book is filled with humour and draws on images from on and around the farm; crayfish pots, the bush, the concrete mixer, the tractor. Robyn Hoglund’s wonderful illustrations are filled with colour, action and detail. As well as being highly engaging, it is the perfect book to read and talk over with a child who may be feeling a little uncertain about toilet-training.

Reviewer: Paddy Richardson

AM Publishing

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