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Sisterhood by Cathy Kelly

Bestselling author Cathy Kelly’s latest novel, Sisterhood weaves a captivating tale of family, secrets and the power of sisterly bonds. Set in Ireland, against the backdrop of the rugged Atlantic coastline and the sun-soaked shores of Sicily, this poignant story follows two sisters, Lou and Toni as they navigate life-altering revelations.


On her 50th birthday, it is Lou who finds herself at crossroads when a shocking long-held family secret is revealed and shatters her world. She can’t believe her mother has willingly kept this secret from her for her entire life! Determined to uncover the truth and reclaim her identity, she enlists her sister Toni, who is grappling with a personal crisis of her own.


Together they embark on a journey of self-discovery, meeting a diverse range of characters along the way. As Lou and Toni navigate through Ireland’s wild landscapes and the coast of Sicily, they also confront their fears and find solace in their unconditional love.


This is a feel-good read, celebrating the unbreakable bond between siblings and the strength that comes from supporting one another throughout life’s trials and tribulations.


Cathy Kelly has once again delivered a captivating tale, one that resonates with its relatable characters and situations, making it a story that could easily happen to anyone. Prepare to be swept away by Cathy’s masterful storytelling and lovable characters.


“I love telling stories about women’s lives but I’ve longed to write a novel with a bigger canvas and a secret at its heart – a novel that captures the moment when a woman decides to stop pleasing other people and decides that she comes first,” says Cathy.


Sisterhood looks at what we women really think about, how life moulds us and what happens when that mould gets broken and a stronger woman emerges.” 


Before becoming a novelist, Cathy worked as a journalist. She has published 11 bestselling books and is also an ambassador for UNICEF in Ireland. Follow Cathy Kelly online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Harper Collins


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