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Shifting Currents by Joanna Orwin

Shifting Currents by New Zealand author Joanna Orwin is inspired by the intertwined lives of two pioneering women, and the book captures what life would have been like for settler women living in the remote Far North.

It is 1853, and widowed Lydia Boulcott has remarried, hoping to be considered a respectable woman, but she is worried that people will find out that she has had an illegitimate daughter. But she has confidence, in this remote location, no one will know about her shameful past. You can imagine her distress when she discovers one of her new neighbours is Eliza Noakes – an ambitious woman and someone from her past who has the power to reveal her secrets to the world. Lydia tries to avoid Eliza, but despite her best efforts, fate throws these two women together.

It is a time in history when Maori are in control and Pakeha are dependent on their help, which adds further layers to this historical novel.

Shifting Currents is a well-researched novel that gives the reader a fascinating glimpse into an intriguing period of New Zealand history, and it is inspired by real-life events.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan


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