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Scent of Fear by Tony Parks

Tony Park delivers another page-turning, thrilling read in Scent of Fear, that highlights the war on poaching in Africa. Sean Bourke is an Afghanistan veteran on patrol against poachers in the South African bush with his trusty tracker dog Benny, both of them experienced and able in their work, working as part of a larger team.

But then it becomes clear that a bombmaker is targeting the dogs that they use when IEDs detonate when they are patrolling. Rookie Tumi Mabasa is almost killed and her dog is severely injured in the first explosion, but there are many more explosions to occur in this novel.

Sean is determined to hunt down the elusive bombmaker, but then he discovers that his best friend Craig is having a relationship with his ex-wife Christine, who is passionate about wildlife conservation and someone who he is still in love with. But there is much more at stake than his wounded heart as the bad guys close in around them, and every step could be their last.

Scent of Fear is frightening authentic, but also a great piece of storytelling with memorable, well-rounded characters.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan, RRP $34.99


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