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Scarfie Flats of Dunedin by Sarah Gallagher with Ian Chapman

As someone who has spent many years living in Dunedin, Scarfie Flats of Dunedin is a welcome book of nostalgia – although after reading, it is nice to know that not everything in life has changed. The Scarfie Flats seem just the same as from when I lived there.

In this handsome hardback, Sarah Gallagher shares some of the stories of these flats and how they got their names, who lived in them and what life was like.

There are so many interesting tales behind ‘Toad Hall’, ‘The Dog Box’, The Shambles’, ‘The Herm’ and ‘Tui’s Tavern’ – and that is just a few of the flats mentioned.

The book also features essays from some Otago locals about popular culture, music and street art, as well as information about Otago’s colourful history of naming flats that goes all the way back to the 1930s. With many colour photos through this impressive hardback, the book is a true delight for anyone who has lived in Dunedin, as well as any student considering studying at the University of Otago.

Scarfie Flats of Dunedin is a very engaging and well-researched book, that has hit the balance perfectly between history, personal stories and images.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

Plus One, RRP $49.99


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