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Run, Rabbit - E Oma, Rāpeti by Norah Wilson

The adorable little Rāpeti is back in this delightful bilingual series that follows the adventures of a playful and determined young rabbit.

Author Norah Wilson has created another three gorgeous books that offer an accessible introduction to te reo Māori, alongside translator Pānia Papa and illustrator Kimberly Andrews.

The latest three books follow Rāpeti as he bakes a cake (Te Tunu Keke - Cake Bake), overcomes his fear of the river (Te Hōpua Kaukau - The Swimming Hole), and embarks on a treasure hunt (Te Rapu Kura - Treasure Hunt).

Each story uses simple sentences, where the structure is repeated, allowing young readers of either language the chance to practice their skills. 

Wilson also ensures the context is usable for readers, these are sentences and words that families can use every day. More than that, the books provide readers with the key to build on what they've read. The repeated sentence structures allow readers to consider substitutions that fit their own lives. Te Tunu Keke - Cake Bake, for example, could easily see readers swap out butter, flour and eggs for other food items as they cook together, or even everyday objects in different contexts. With the help of a Māori dictionary, like Te Aka, readers can follow the structure Wilson and Pana provide and use the sentences when helping younger people get dressed or pack their school bags.

Illustrated by Andrews, the books are bursting with the cute factor. Her delightful animals exude joy and fun. Andrews' illustrations draw the reader in with her anthropomorphic animals, full of character and emotion. The subtle colour palette lends itself to a calming, connecting storytime - they're books that you want to snuggle up with.

The E Oma, Rāpeti series is a delightful introduction to te reo Māori for readers of all ages. The books will not only introduce some families to an important language resource but also challenge readers to push themselves further in their language-learning journey.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell


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