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Rosie Joy: Here, There and Everywhere by Sophie Siers, Illustrated by Judith Trevelyan

We meet Rosie Joy and her best friend Polly during spring. Rosie Joy is nine years old and lives on her farm with her family. She loves adventuring, climbing trees and dreaming of life as an explorer.

When you live on a farm, spring is always busy with baby animals and crops to plant. We follow Rosie Joy and Polly as they take on a special spring project involving chickens and peggy squares. While the special project incubates we meet Rosie Joy's brothers and school friends.

This is an engaging feel-good story. Author, Sophie Siers has lived and worked and raised her family on a farm in Hawke's Bay. It's no surprise then that farming life has inspired her writing. Her latest book is aimed at 8-12 year olds. Judith Trevelyan enjoyed illustrating Rosie Joy because she is a girl to admire!

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Millwood Press, RRP $19.95


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