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Rock War by Robert Muchamore

Robert Muchamore, best known for his incredible Cherub series, has chosen to focus on something a little less James Bond, and more teenage boy in his new Rock War series – the highs and lows of being in a high school rock band. The first book in the Rock War series, also titled Rock War, follows three different teenagers as they deal with life, school, and their band, and all the complications that come with working with other musically gifted (and challenged) teenagers.

Jay, Summer, and Dylan, are all completely different characters, with different approaches to music, and different challenges to overcome, but they all share the same passion for doing what they love. They don’t interact much at all in this book (it is set up that they may have more interaction as the series go on), but Muchamore has managed to create three engaging stories in one novel, without skimping on characterisation or plot. Rock War is the perfect blend of music, teenage drama, and fast-paced action.

If you’ve ever been to a school rock competition, this book will resonate with you – the nerves, the bad sound equipment, the terrible bands, and the surprisingly good ones with so much potential. If you are a teenager with dreams of being a rock musician, then pick up this book now – Muchamore has clearly done a lot of research on the ins and outs of band competitions, and its authenticity really shows in the writing.

Despite not being filled with the same sort of action that Muchamore fans are familiar with from his Cherub series, Rock War is still action-packed. It is fast-paced, and has the same punchy, exciting tone to the writing. Rock War is definitely aimed at a more male audience, but anyone who loves music, especially rock music, gigs, and jamming on a guitar with friends, will enjoy it just as much.

REVIEWER: JJ McConnachie

TITLE: Rock War

AUTHOR(S): Robert Muchamore


RRP: $34.99

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