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Rich Enough? A laid-back guide for every kiwi by Mary Holm

Mary Holm is well qualified to write a book with information for financial planning. She has a regular personal finance column in the Weekend Herald, she presents a financial segment on Radio NZ, and she has written a number of financial books in the past.

Rich Enough? is the perfect book for the average New Zealander, a great, easy-to-read guide with loads of sensible information to help you plan your finances, and then forget about them and get on with your life.

I like that Mary starts with the question ‘Why do you want to be richer?’ She challenges the idea that the more money you have, the better – but agrees that you should have the basics covered off and that making some straightforward steps to make your money work for you is a good idea.

She goes through the three ways to save more money – earn more, save more, and be smarter with what you do with your savings. And she urges you to get going and not wait, as every year of procrastination will mean retiring with less. Mary Holm tells the reader how to kill off high-interest debt, especially credit card debt.

Mary goes through all the various insurances you might need, and how to keep costs down. There is a chapter devoted to KiwiSaver, and how to save money outside the scheme. There is also a chapter about staying cool and spreading the risk, as well as chapters on retirement, buying and selling houses, and getting personal financial advice. The entire book has a laid-back, common-sense vibe, which I really enjoyed.

Rich Enough? is a book that every New Zealand should read, implement, and then get on with living their lives.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

HarperCollins, RRP $36.99


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