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PRINCE -The Beautiful Ones by Prince Rogers Nelson with Dan Piepenbring

“Purple Rain” brings everyone together when Prince comes on the scene. This best-selling musician was in the centre of his super-stardom when he arranged for a collaborative life story to be prepared. His tragic death was unexpected consequently this book is a little disjointed.

It frames the early life of Prince Rogers Nelson, outlines briefly his artistic vision, his self-creation as a musical pop-star, and includes some extracts of his lyrical prose in Prince’s own handwriting. One example emphasises the warmth of a smile reflected in the eyes.

There is no doubt that Prince, the musician, was a gifted creative artist. He cultivated himself with mystery and carefully maintained a mystical image. It seems this biography was to display his life for his fans in his own words.

To devoted fans this book will be a record of a great artist, but for the casual reader/music listener it will be a quick page-turner.

Editor, Dan Piepenbring, was working on this presentation at the time of Prince’s death. It features photos of diaries, original scrapbooks, lyric sheets and exquisite memoirs in Prince’s handwriting. Piepenbring has done his best with limited material, to produce a thick glossy hard back book which will remain sadly, unfinished.

Reviewer : Sonia Edwards

RRP $55.00


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